Katrina Johansson is a guitarist and songwriter who has  released two heavy instrumental EPs, Guitarsongs Volume I and Love Surrender, Forgiveness. Guitarsongs, a bestseller on

CDBaby.com.  Brad Rohrssen, former Atlantic Recording Artist played drums on the first 3 tracks, Michael Angelo Batio played bass guitar. The EP was recorded and engineered by Michael Angelo Batio at Monster Mix Studio and Chris Djuricic at Studio One. The EP was mixed by Chris Djuricic and assisted by Michael Angelo Batio at Studio One. The fourth song was recorded and mixed by Jim Harvey and Ron Reid from Breakthrough Audio. For more information and samples from both CDs, visit Katrina's page at CDBaby.

Special thanks to Luna Guitars, Dean Guitars and Dime Amplification for all of their support throughout the years!

Katrina is also a contributor to GuitarGirlmag.com.

Please check out her interview in Justin St, Vincent's book featuring artists of many genres, "Love, Live, Forgive".

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Guitar Player Magazine

Reader's Spotlight by Mike Varney

Johansson started
her training on classical guitar
while in her teens, before switching
to rock. A veteran of numerous
heavy rock bands, Johansson
honed her skills playing festivals
and clubs around the U.S., covering songs by Iron
Maiden, Van Halen, and Accept. But, after seeing
Joe Satriani, she was inspired to focus on her guitar
playing and write instrumental rock tunes.
(Guitarist—and speed king—Michael Angelo
Batio was impressed enough with her talent to
produce her solo CD.) Johansson has a great feel,
and some incredible chops played within strong
compositions. In addition to her excellent phrasing
and strong vibrato, Johansson is an extremely
impressive speed picker.


Katrina Johansson